Here are some amazing figures about how the Main Street model drives reinvestment in downtowns across the country.

Main Street Reinvestment Statistics



Towns With Small Businesses Have Healthier People

The rewards of a vibrant small business sector go beyond economics: Research shows places that rely on large retailers have more problems.

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Colorado cheese shops defy recession – Denver Post

Would you go to a cheese shop in downtown Montrose?

Colorado cheese shops defy recession as public tastes grow more adventurous – The Denver Post.

Great Resource! Intuit Small Business Blog

Good morning! Here is a great resource for small business owners. The blog stays current and gets fresh content regularly about issues facing small businesses. Let me know if you find a article that is particularly relevant to Montrose Downtown.

Intuit Small Business Blog

Littleton’s downtown plan a balancing act

It’s always good to learn from other communities and hear how they are addressing some of the same issues that we will face in planning for the future of downtown. This article talks about how Littleton is planning to accommodate change but also keep a unique ‘downtown’ feel.

Littleton’s downtown plan a balancing act.

Great Resource on Downtown Economics



Here is a great resource about downtown businesses…

Daily Press Editorial : Main in Motion

Click this link to read the Daily Press’ take on a great downtown event!

Opinion : Our View (Montrose, CO).